Monthly Archives: August 2018

Ford Cancels Focus Crossover For U.S. Consumers After Trump's Trade War Tariffs

Ford Motor Company announced on Friday it's ditching plans to bring its new

MS-13 gang used California farm town as a base for crime

More than two dozen gang members and affiliates were arrested and charged after a murder… Read More »

Trump Confirms His 'Insulting' Comments About NAFTA Talks With Canada

President Donald Trump on Friday confirmed "insulting" comments that he'd

Thousands displaced in Myanmar dam rupture aftermath

Flooding from a ruptured dam in Myanmar has forced the relocation of more than 63,000… Read More »

Florida family desperate ‘to get their life back’ as six-foot long lizard roaming their backyard is on the loose

A family in Florida with a six-foot long uninvited lizard as their guest, has said… Read More »

Couple who raised $400,000 for homeless man ordered to hand over money and account for spending

A judge has ordered a couple who raised $400,000 for a homeless man to turn… Read More »

Cancer update: Research from August 2018

In this article, we outline some of the most interesting recent findings from cancer research,… Read More »

Actress Tried To Use Acid And Alligators To Dispose Of Husband's Ex-Wife

After Grant and Amanda Hayes killed Laura Ackerson, cut her body into pieces

What are the signs of prostate infection?

When an infection in the prostate results in inflammation, this is called bacterial prostatitis. Symptoms… Read More »

Flu-pocalypse: The shocking failure of the flu vaccine exposed

(Natural News) Back-to-school season is here. Alongside sales, shopping and students, you may have noticed… Read More »

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