Monthly Archives: November 2018

Massive earthquake hits

Large earthquake rocks Anchorage, Alaska, causing 'major infrastructure damage'

LGBT advocates now routinely subjecting children to sexual abuse and "gender fluid" brainwashing in latest escalation of gender cultism

(Natural News) Buoyed by relentless virtue signaling and a cult-like desire for popular conformity, LGBT… Read More »

How the tech giants are rapidly becoming an extension of the State… online fascism now a global reality

(Natural News) Social media is arguably the greatest accomplishment thus far of the “deep state”… Read More »

Be proactive about your heart health today by understanding how a heart attack happens

(Natural News) A heart attack can be a life-changing event. If you manage to survive… Read More »

Supplementing with vitamin D can promote weight loss, study finds

(Natural News) Childhood obesity has become a significant health problem around the world. Not only… Read More »

Foods to eat if you want to look and feel younger

(Natural News) Inflammation, oxidants, starchy carbs, chemicals in packaged foods, rancid oils, insufficient vitamin and… Read More »

Every Photo of Nissan's New Leaf NISMO RC Electric Race Car

Vladimir Putin And Saudi Crown Prince Pal Around At G20 Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Walking can significantly lower the risk of heart failure in older women

(Natural News) Want to keep your heart healthy? Walk more. A study in the Journal… Read More »

An engineering feat: Different types of silks in a spider web allow it to effectively capture prey

(Natural News) To human eyes, a spiderweb looks beautiful yet delicate. However, the strands are… Read More »

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