Monthly Archives: February 2019

Upland mother charged in killing infant daughter, throwing toddler son from balcony

An Upland mother has been charged with causing the death of her infant daughter and… Read More »

Every Democrat Senator running for president in 2020 voted for INFANTICIDE (the violent execution of living human babies)

(Natural News) If you’re planning to vote Democrat in 2020, just know that you’ll also… Read More »

Girls’ sports being decimated by biological males claiming to be females… "transgenders" are CHEATERS

(Natural News) Far be it from us to tell anyone how to live but someone… Read More »

High blood sugar levels could be placing you at risk of dementia, memory loss, and cognitive decline

(Natural News) A startling study published in the New England Journal of Medicine reveals a… Read More »

Ocasio-Cortez caught in "hamburger hypocrisy" involving farting cows, a sandwich and a surreptitious photo

(Natural News) We keep hoping that freshman “Democratic Socialist” Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York… Read More »

It’s time to look at soil health: Synthetic fertilizers, herbicides have taken an enormous toll, with long-term consequences

(Natural News) The thing about soil is that you cannot tell how healthy it is… Read More »

Essential nutrients you need to live a longer, healthier life

(Natural News) We all want to live as long and healthy as possible, but our… Read More »

Why gun control will FAIL: People will simply refuse to obey unconstitutional firearms laws because Democrats have set the precedent for refusing to obey laws you don’t like

(Natural News) For years Democrat-run states have gotten away with implementing so-called “sanctuary city” policies… Read More »

There are red flags common in human trafficking cases. Here's how the Florida spas compare

The red flags present in Florida that human trafficking possibly occurred are similar to those… Read More »

In U.S. charm offensive, China's Huawei launches ad to combat dark image

Huawei Technologies ran a full page ad in major U.S. newspapers on Thursday urging readers… Read More »

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