Monthly Archives: May 2019

At least 12 killed in Virginia Beach mass shooting: What we know

A shooter opened fire workers at a municipal center in Virginia Beach on Friday, killing 12 people and… Read More »

Understanding your endocannabinoid system and the role it plays in your health

(Natural News) As the United States finally starts to emerge from the Dark Ages of… Read More »

Scooter riders beware – Hackers can remotely accelerate or brake popular electric models

(Natural News) A popular electric scooter model manufactured in China can be remotely hacked and… Read More »

Corporate tyranny: Netflix, Disney threaten Georgia over abortion ban

(Natural News) Netflix this week threatened to pull out of Georgia over their newly-passed anti-abortion… Read More »

Yes, breast is best but indirect feeding of pumped milk may expose infants to dangerous bacteria

(Natural News) Being a new mother is difficult. You want to do what’s best for… Read More »

The link between mercury dental fillings and chronic illness

(Natural News) Exposure to mercury has long been considered as harmful to humans. Multiple studies… Read More »

Reset your gut hormones with a vegan diet

(Natural News) A study conducted by researchers from the Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine in the… Read More »

$200,000 Jeep Gladiator-based MAXIMUS is unveiled, with only 24 to be built

Hennessey Performance is accepting orders for the MAXIMUS 1000, a Jeep Gladiator variant costing $200,000 with… Read More »

Haunting picture of Budapest boat at the bottom of the Danube as search for the 21 missing continues

As divers descended Friday into the Danube, Hungarian authorities predicted it would take an extended… Read More »

What STDs can you get from oral sex?

There are many sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that people can get as a result of… Read More »

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