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Non-STD causes of penile discharge

Male discharge is not always a sign of a sexually transmitted disease (STD). Discharge from… Read More »

Does vaping without nicotine have any side effects?

Many people believe that vaping is a harmless alternative to smoking. However, research into the… Read More »

Onions and garlic may protect against breast cancer

The first population-based study of its kind examines the association between onion and garlic consumption… Read More »

Do gut bacteria affect bowel cancer development?

A new meta-review of several existing studies has found links between gut microbiome composition and… Read More »

Over 70% of US adults unaware of HPV-related cancer risks

New evidence suggests that both men and women in the United States lack sufficient awareness… Read More »

Andrew Yang: No apologies for the Asian jokes

During his unlikely rise, Yang has taken heat for playing up Asian stereotypes

Man jailed for 82 days for possession of honey because Customs and Border Protection said it was meth… but it was just honey

(Natural News) One man’s innocent return to the U.S. from Jamaica turned into an 82-day… Read More »

Now the left-wing lunatic corporations are losing their own left-wing lunatic employees because of the left-wing lunatic climate hysteria they’ve all pushed

(Natural News) If you needed more proof that the insane Left can never be insane… Read More »

The truth comes out – Friend of Kavanaugh accuser Blasey-Ford says she was threatened if she didn’t go along with sexual assault LIE

(Natural News) The accusations of serial sexual abuse and sexual assault made against now-Supreme Court… Read More »

CNN’s climate change circus a parade of science illiteracy and left-wing lunacy

(Natural News) One would think that CNN would have learned by now that peddling endless… Read More »

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