Monthly Archives: February 2020

What prior debates reveal about Bloomberg under pressure

On Wednesday Bloomberg himself will finally appear, live and in person, to debate his Democratic… Read More »

Russia Hate This: Why the Astute-Class Submarine Is the Pride of the Royal Navy

An excellent submarine.

HIDING THE OUTBREAK: Florida conceals number of people tested for coronavirus, then stupidly lies about the reason why

(Natural News) In addition to the State of Washington now admitting to testing just 25… Read More »

Quarantine isn’t enough: Wuhan coronavirus R0 is so high that even the most draconian lockdown measures can’t contain it

(Natural News) The latest basic reproductive number (R0) estimates for the Wuhan coronavirus (CoVid-19) suggest… Read More »

Chinese boss of Wuhan hospital dies from coronavirus; communist government assures world they somehow have it all under control

(Natural News) We’ve now learned that Liu Zhiming, head of the Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan,… Read More »

“Obama judge” Amy Berman Jackson refuses to hold off sentencing Roger Stone despite the fact that LEAD juror lied about her anti-Trump bias

(Natural News) When U.S. Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts rebuked President Donald Trump in… Read More »

SICKOS: Botswana auctions off licenses to kill elephants after hunting ban lifted

(Natural News) A major auction was held in Botswana this month for licenses allowing big… Read More »

L.A. mayor, sheriff, prove why the rule of law means nothing in America anymore as they pledge to shield ILLEGAL aliens from deportation

(Natural News) Tens of millions of Americans watching the Deep State shenanigans play out in… Read More »

Trump declares himself 'chief law enforcement officer' as he issues numerous pardons

The president on Tuesday exercised his pardon power, granting clemency to or commuting the sentences… Read More »

The cruise industry has been rocked by the coronavirus. Here's you how can find out if your ship has been impacted.

Cruise companies like Carnival Corp. and Royal Caribbean Cruises have been affected by the Wuhan… Read More »

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