Monthly Archives: October 2017

Head and neck cancer: Could oral sex raise your risk?

Researchers have found a link between oral sex and smoking and an increased risk of… Read More »

‘Synthetic gene circuit’ may improve effectiveness of cancer immunotherapy

A synthetic gene circuit that elicits tumor-specific immune responses may overcome some of the problems… Read More »

Leukemia: Cancer cells killed off with diabetes drug

Researchers find that boosting fat cells in the bone marrow using a diabetes drug not… Read More »

How can you cope with a cancer diagnosis?

A cancer diagnosis always comes as a shock. What are some coping strategies you can… Read More »

New compound kills cancer without harming healthy cells

A proof-of-concept study shows how a new compound selectively triggers cell suicide in acute myeloid… Read More »

HPV and cancer: Key mechanism may suggest treatment

Researchers have revealed a key aspect behind the mechanism that allows HPV to promote cancer… Read More »

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