Monthly Archives: July 2019

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio asked why officer involved in Eric Garner's death wasn't fired

Federal prosecutors announced earlier this month that they would not file charges against Daniel Pantaleo,… Read More »

Boris Johnson’s Belfast Brexit Message Leaves Dublin and EU Cold

(Bloomberg) — Boris Johnson went a long way toward cementing his working majority in the… Read More »

The 14 Russian sailors who died aboard a top secret spy submarine could have probably made it out

Rather than evacuate, the crew shut the hatch and fought the fire with everything they… Read More »

Texas mom who allegedly left her baby in a running car at a nightclub flashed a big smile in her booking photo

Samantha Grace Vaughan allegedly left her infant in a running car while she took shots… Read More »

Can Someone Please Vote CNN Off the Stage?

(Bloomberg Opinion) — Ten of the Democrats debated on Tuesday night. But the debate was… Read More »

U.S. judge tosses Democratic Party lawsuit against Trump campaign, Russia over election

A U.S. judge on Tuesday dismissed a Democratic Party lawsuit arguing that the Russian government,… Read More »

Chicago shooting deaths: Outcry as anti-gun violence mothers shot dead while campaigning

Two women who campaigned against Chicago’s infamous gun violence, have themselves been shot and killed… Read More »

EMFs linked to MASSIVE decline in global health

(Natural News) The topic of electromagnetic field (EMF) dangers has been the subject of great… Read More »

Democrats claim no one is allowed to criticize rat-infested s##thole liberal cities because… racism

(Natural News) How can you tell your political opponent has absolutely no reasonable, informed response… Read More »

Salt, Water, and Carb MYTHS Busted

(Natural News) Kudos to the foodies who produce informative YouTube videos about healthy and unhealthy… Read More »

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