Monthly Archives: August 2019

Hurricane Dorian path update shows storm track could turn, potentially impact Carolinas

Hurricane Dorian has gained fearsome new muscle as an "extremely dangerous" Category 4 storm. Latest… Read More »

One dead, eight injured in French knife rampage

A police source said the alleged perpetrator was an Afghan asylum-seeker, unknown previously to both… Read More »

Compounds in citrus fruits and orange juice found to improve gut health

(Natural News) Taking care of your gut is important for supporting your overall health. One… Read More »

Fascinating spy plane photos from the 1950s and 60s reveal hidden archaeological spots in Aleppo, Jordan and Nimrud

(Natural News) The still-raging Syrian Civil War wrecked much of the ancient city of Aleppo.… Read More »

Research identifies the culprit that makes women more susceptible to migraines

(Natural News) When it comes to migraine, women are much more vulnerable than men. A… Read More »

Prepping basics: Tips for building a pocket survival kit

(Natural News) Do you know how to build a pocket survival kit? As a prepper,… Read More »

Fingerprint verification makes snooping on your phone EASIER

(Natural News) Almost all smartphones now have a fingerprint verification feature. But instead of adding… Read More »

Watch a man brazenly light a cigarette at gunpoint during an armed robbery

If you think you're cool under pressure, you've got absolutely nothing on a St. Louis… Read More »

9 Arizona State students from China detained at LA airport, denied admission to U.S.

The students were "denied admission to the U.S. to continue their studies" and were sent… Read More »

Nutrient-rich mushrooms can significantly lower the risk of cognitive decline

(Natural News) Do you want to protect your brain from seemingly inevitable cognitive decline which comes… Read More »

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