Monthly Archives: October 2019

Turkey hands over 18 Syrian soldiers after Russian coordination

Turkey has handed over 18 men believed to be Syrian government soldiers who were seized… Read More »

United Nations says China’s concentration camps contribute to "stronger sense of happiness"

(Natural News) Any fair-minded American knows that generally speaking, the United Nations as an entity… Read More »

Deranged wife wants to mutilate the genitals of 7-year-old boy to turn him into a girl, warned father before court gagged his speech

(Natural News) Shortly before his court-issued gag order went into effect, Jeffrey Younger, the father… Read More »

Pomegranates are a cancer-fighting superfood: Here are 4 reasons why

(Natural News) Cancer is widespread in America, killing thousands of people each year. However, various… Read More »

Tiny glass particles on beaches near Hiroshima identified as fallout debris from the 1945 atomic bomb

(Natural News) The atomic bombing of Hiroshima during the Second World War destroyed much of… Read More »

Authorities say 40 pounds of seized fentanyl is enough to 'kill entire population of Ohio' multiple times

A raid in southwest Ohio has seized more than 40 pounds of fentanyl –enough to 'kill the… Read More »

Studies show vitamin D can help reverse diabetes and heart disease

(Natural News) Vitamin D, also known as the sunshine vitamin, is important for the health of… Read More »

Maintain oral health to lower your risk of conditions like pneumonia and rheumatoid arthritis

(Natural News) Over six billion bacteria live in your mouth. Most of them are classified… Read More »

Firefighters battle new blazes in California

Firefighters battled new wildfires on Thursday in California including a fierce blaze in the city… Read More »

Biden stumbles over words, struggles to deliver his message to voters

Joe Biden was making an impassioned case for protecting immigrants in the country illegally one… Read More »

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