Monthly Archives: November 2019

Bangladesh sentences seven to death for 2016 cafe attack

A Bangladesh court handed death sentences to seven members of an Islamist militant group on… Read More »

24-Cylinder Monster Truck Big Rig Sells for $12 Million

"Thor24" brought in big numbers this past weekend.

Doctors can now monitor vital signs using radar waves, but what about their side effects?

(Natural News) Researchers celebrated their recent completion of a radar system that keeps track of… Read More »

In-depth WSJ investigation PROVES that Google has hired an army of censors to maliciously manipulate search results and bury the truths they don’t want you to find

(Natural News) More details have emerged about Google’s censorship agenda, including the fact that the… Read More »

Survival medicine: Things to remember about tactical combat casualty care

(Natural News) In many common emergencies or accidents, it’s important to address injuries as soon… Read More »

Another evil corporation targets children for psychological warfare and "gender fluid" indoctrination: Mattel releases gender-neutral Barbie dolls

(Natural News) Children’s toy manufacturer Mattel has introduced a new “gender-neutral” Barbie that aims to… Read More »

MEDIA MANIPULATION: Story about migrant children scrubbed after UN said it happened on Obama’s watch

(Natural News) A story with the wrong “official narrative” was scrubbed by mainstream media outlets.… Read More »

Then and now: Swiss glacier photos show impact of global warming

A collection of images — showing photos of modern-day mountain landscapes next to archive shots… Read More »

It’s okay to feel blue: The 6 benefits of listening to sad music

(Natural News) Sadness is a universal feeling, experienced by humans and animals alike. It is… Read More »

Fitness promotes longevity: Study finds a brisk walk every day after age 70 determines health more than CVD risk

(Natural News) Senior citizens may prolong their lives by walking or riding a bike every… Read More »

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