Monthly Archives: December 2019

PHOTOS: #MenToo: The hidden tragedy of male sexual abuse in the military

Award-winning photojournalist Mary F. Calvert has spent six years documenting the prevalence of rape in the military and the… Read More »

18 Inventions that Changed Our Lives in the 2010s

Bosnia indicts Serb army general over Srebrenica genocide

A Bosnian war crimes prosecutor on Tuesday indicted a Bosnian Serb former army general for… Read More »

PHOTOS: Iraqi Shiites break into U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

Dozens of Iraqi Shiite militiamen and their supporters broke into the U.S. Embassy compound in… Read More »

Thousands flee to beaches amid devastating Australian wildfires

Thousands of Australians were forced to flee to beaches on Tuesday as wildfires continued to… Read More »

China took their parents: the Uighur refugee children of Turkey

The school on the outskirts of Istanbul is a rare place where Uighur child refugees… Read More »

DEPOPULATION vectors are accelerating as globalists target humanity for extermination – new "Oblivion Agenda" video lecture just posted

(Natural News) The “Oblivion Agenda” lecture series, found at, reveals shocking cosmic truths about… Read More »

Brighteon exclusive video: Tarl Warwick explains the alt tech ecosystem better than anyone, and he’s building a massive audience where he won’t be banned

(Natural News) Right up front, I’ll warn you that this rising Brighteon star utters some… Read More »

2,000 unvaccinated students may not be allowed back to class, Seattle Public Schools warns

Seattle Public Schools has informed parents if their student doesn't have updated immunization records by… Read More »

Trump Impeachment Trial Tests Vulnerable Senate Incumbents

(Bloomberg) — The Senate’s historic impeachment trial of President Donald Trump will be especially momentous… Read More »

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