Monthly Archives: March 2020

One country is refusing to shut down to stop the coronavirus

“It is better to die on your feet than live on your knees!” Lukashenko, who… Read More »

Venezuela prosecutor's office summoned Guaido for 'attempted coup'

State prosecutors in Venezuela have summoned opposition leader Juan Guaido for an alleged “attempted coup… Read More »

IG Horowitz Found ‘Apparent Errors or Inadequately Supported Facts’ in Every Single FBI FISA Application He Reviewed

The Justice Department inspector general said it does “not have confidence” in the FBI’s FISA… Read More »

Coronavirus deaths in the USA have surpassed 9/11, with over 2,000 deaths expected PER DAY by mid-April

(Natural News) It’s official. With confirmed coronavirus deaths now at 3,580 in the USA, more… Read More »

Dr. Paul Cottrell talks coronavirus solutions with Mike Adams (video interview)

(Natural News) We interviewed Dr. Paul Cottrell to talk about coronavirus solutions. “Dr. Paul” lives… Read More »

Trump rollback of mileage standards guts climate change push

The Trump administration’s rollback of mileage standards Tuesday marks a win for Americans who like… Read More »

Trump, Cuomo and the mystery of the missing masks

Earlier this month, Cuomo said that people were stealing face masks and other equipment needed… Read More »

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has quietly backed off endorsing Democratic primary challengers

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) beat the odds in 2018, winning a primary against a Democrat… Read More »

Suspected SARS virus and flu samples found in luggage: FBI report describes China's 'biosecurity risk'

An FBI report about China’s involvement with scientific research in the U.S. has raised alarms.… Read More »

After more than 10,000 coronavirus deaths — the worst in the world — Italy is showing signs that its 3-week lockdown is working

Italy's counts of new coronavirus deaths and infections are starting to fall, though the country… Read More »

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