Monthly Archives: April 2020

How COVID-19's US fatalities compare to America's worst flu seasons

Deaths in the United States from the novel coronavirus topped more than 62,000 Thursday, making… Read More »

Records Show Strzok Intervened when FBI Moved to Close Flynn Investigation Due to Lack of ‘Derogatory Information’

New unsealed FBI memos show that the Bureau found “no derogatory information” on former national… Read More »

Indiana Postal Worker Shot Dead After Refusing to Deliver Mail to Man With Aggressive Dog: Court Docs

An Indiana man charged with murdering a U.S. postal worker this week admitted he confronted… Read More »

A night at Trump's D.C. hotel, the GOP hot spot emptied by coronavirus

What's it like to spend a night at the Trump International Hotel, the president's flagship… Read More »

Explosive new Health Ranger presentation streams live May 15 – 16: The Depopulation Trifecta: Coronavirus, vaccines and 5G

(Natural News) On May 15-16th, as part of the True Legends “Ancient Cataclysms and Coming… Read More »

Officials confirm: Coronavirus deaths just doubled in Los Angeles county

(Natural News) Despite the apparent slowdown in the number of COVID-19 cases in several areas… Read More »

A simple quiz to check someone’s basic knowledge of math and statistics in the middle of a pandemic

(Natural News) As we’ve seen when all the flawed math and science in recent coronavirus… Read More »

New York announces plan to reopen as early as mid-May as hospitalizations drop to month low

(Natural News) New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said on Tuesday that hospitalizations due to COVID-19, the… Read More »

Wearing masks to block the coronavirus is going to become the new normal

(Natural News) As countries around the world look to let people go back to work and… Read More »

Coronavirus found to linger in the air in crowded spaces

(Natural News) A new study shows that the coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to linger in the air in… Read More »

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